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  1. Hello,

    I am a Poncin, living in France but from Luxembourg. I wish have some informations on this coat of arms. If you have any of them, please contact me on this mail adress : victor.poncin@gmail.com

    Best regards,

    Victor Poncin

        • You did not follow the links? They are unambiguous! Ok, i will do it for you:
          See http://wiesel.lu/heraldik/quellen/armorial-loutsch/ !
          My informations are from THAT book, edited by late Dr. Loutsch († 2002).
          Dr. Loutsch, himself found his informations in a book written by
          L. Gourdet, called “Inventaire des Blasons de la province du Luxembourg d’après les sources monumentales”, Gembloux, Duculot 1960.
          Gourdet on the other hand found it in “l’Armorial d’Abry (Iière moitié du XVIIIe siècle)”, written by Guy Poswick, edited by Société des Bibliophiles Liégeois in 1956.
          best regards.

          • Hello,

            Yes i followed the link it was not clear at all. Now it is ! Thanks to you !

            Do you know if i can consulted this books online ? Or should i buy it if it is possible ?

            Best regards

          • I really doubt, that any of them can be CONSULTED online!

            • First of all, many people want to find out that themselves are of aristocratic descendance, but not many people are interessted in scientific books about a subject like heraldry. So, why should anyone digitalize such rare books? I’m doing this sometimes, but there are only few who sacrifice their free time for others and for free.
            • And second, even if there was some samaritarian, check the dates! Even if you suggest that Gourdet and Poswick died, immediately after publishing their books: 2020-1960=60<70 and even 2020-1956=64<70! So copyright fees may still have to be payed to them or their descends! I.e. no one will do this!

            Do some research with google or bing etc. At least Poswicks book can be lend from libraries or bought:

  2. I do not care about other people. If They want to find for themselves aristocratic descendance it is their problem !

    Personnaly, I’m just looking for informations from my family PONCIN (one of the old Bourgeois Luxembourgish family).

    The heraldry science is respectable, beautiful and interesting ! But, for now, it is just a way for me to help me in my genealogical researchs.

    That is why i was asking to you all this questions.


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