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Dear Reader,

I’m not used to writing in english, and normally all my postings are either in luxembourgish or german. Today its different, this is an exeption! (your propasals for orthographic/grammatical corrections are welcome).
For all those, who might have found their way to this site, coming from James Ponder‘s (squish) supportpage for his marvelous Plugin UserExtra: Since Squish couldn’t find the time to adapt his plugin to WP 2.0, i had to look for myself and some weeks ago, i managed to get it working with WordPress 2.0.

I made no great modifications, just:

  • renamed all functions get_usermeta() -> ponder_get_usermeta() since WP 2.0. uses its own function get_usermeta, and
  • introduced some if isset() in several places, which Squish had omitted, what was not critical in earlier versions but led to errors with WordPress 2.0.

Don’t forget, to switch to your administration panel, and click on “update options”, anywhere, you find options for Userextra and Usermeta!

Meanwhile, not later than yesterday, Squish updated his plugin on his own. I’m going to test it, but it is certainly preferable, to use the autors own modifications.

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