D’argent à une merlette de sable, accompagnée de trois quintefeuilles de gueules.

Casque couronné.


une merlette de sable entre un vol d’argent et de gueules.


Deux lions léopardés d’or.

Sources du Dr. Loutsch:

(Arch. .Lux. Régistrature Cons. Prov., VI, 77./M.W.).
Lettres-patentes d’anoblissement de Maximilien de Bavière, datées le 29 mai 1712, en faveur de François-Bernard Knepper, chevalier, conseiller au Conseil des Finances, fils de Jean-Bernard Knepper, docteur en droit, de l’université de Dole, puis conseiller, maire et justicier de Luxembourg, petit-fils de Dominique Knepper, officier, etc.

Zitiert nach (Quelle): A.L. Seite 480

2 thoughts on “Knepper

  1. Mary R. Grace

    I found your site while searching for Jean Bernard Knepper. My Knepper family came from Luxembourg and I have been researching all Kneppers in the country from 1550 through 1900 and trying to tie them all together. It’s a very big project. I appreciate the little tidbit above as I had no info on Francois-Bernard. Any other info would be wonderful
    Many thanks, Merry Christmas
    Mary R. Grace
    Oklahoma, USA

    1. Jean-pierre kneppert

      My tree is on -Jean-Pierre Kneppert. I live in . My paternal ancestors are from Luxembourg and Mosel province in France (formely a province of luxembourg). Many ancestors in luxembourg left in the 19th century to the USA. Seems my ancestors as far I can search are from southern luxembourg in bettembourg. The there is a street named Jean Bernard Kneppert in this town. Email :

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