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  1. 28.05.2018

    Being the descendant of the kin of de Limosin d’Alheim, I could suggest it is the personal blazon of Ferdinand-Charles-Emmanuel, Baron de Limosin-d’Alheim (*10.11.1748 in Boulay) who was the captain of the German regiment of Alsace in the 1777.
    His brother Jean-Baptiste, Baron de Limosin-d’Alheim (*22.10.1750, Thionville; † after 1808) known as chevalier (de) Dalheim (Dalem) who became the major-General of the Russian service, and their father Jean-Baptiste, Baron de Limosin-d’Alheim (*22.07.1714) moved into Russia in the 1792 the both.

    I have no any information about the descendants of Ferdinand-Charles-Emmanuel, Baron de Limosin-d’Alheim. But it looks like he had the daughter of Antoinette Marie Delphine de Limosin d’Alheim who was married to Charles Jean Baptiste Antoine Paguelle de Larret in 1807 – https://gw.geneanet.org/xlecoq?lang=en&p=antoinette+marie+delphine&n=de+limosin+d+alheim

    Eugene Blokh – EugeneBloch@mail.ru

  2. 28.05.2018

    Being the descendant of the kin of de Limosin d’Alheim, I am to inform you that it’s just the personal blazon of Jean-Nicolas, Baron de Limosin (baptisted 29.11.1650, Luxemburg; † 1707).
    But it is not the general blazon of the kin of de Limosin which has to have the reg lion-leopard on the golden belt with the black encadrement and the silver bezants.

    Eugene Blokh – EugeneBloch@mail.ru


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