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  1. von der Horst–Guten Tag. I am a Belgian historian and writer. I am trying to find a text written by Erdwin (or Edwin or Erwin ?) von der Horst who was lieutenant in the hannoversche Best company, Kielmansegge division at Waterloo in 1815, and who was made prisoner at the Quatre Bras battle on June 16, 1815. His text is kept by the Hannoversche Militärgeschichte Arbeitkreis. They do not reply to me. The title is : Errinnerungen eines hannoverschen Officiers von Lanwehr-Bataillon Verden aus den Tagen der Schlacht bei Waterloo, in Hannoverschen Magazin 1816, 95/96, S. 1505-1534. Can you please help me ? Thank you very much. Jean van Win


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