Une seiche posée en fasce, accompagnée de trois trèfles, chacun issant d’une petit branche.

Sources du Dr. Loutsch:

(Reinach 1079).
Sceau de Jean de Bondorf, vassal de Jean, sire de Créhange, 3-IX-1404. Aussi invraisemblable que paraisse ce mollusque dans un écu d’un personnage vivant si loin de la mer, je ne vois pas d’autre solution, et on en jugera d’après le dessin aussi fidèle que possible.

Zitiert nach (Quelle): A.L. Seite 247

3 thoughts on “Bondorf”

  1. I am attempting to get an image of the original illustration of this, I would prefer a medieval illustration rather than a modern reproduction. Can you please tell me if there is a medieval illustration of the Bondorf arms in Loutsch’s “Armorial du pays de Luxembourg”? Or maybe the illustration is in Reinach and Loutsch only describes it? I’m willing to buy my own copy of “Armorial du pays de Luxembourg” if the illustration is there.
    Thank you very much,

    • Bingo!
      Loutschs Armorial is an Armorial = a collection of arms, published in 1974. Of course, it only contains modern reproductions!
      In those days, if he would have had to give a facsimilé of every coin, stamp etc. he wanted to show to his readers, no one could have afford to buy the book.
      The “Armorial du pays de Luxembourg” is no longer be sold in bookstores for ages. Perhaps you can find a copy on the internet.


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