Un chevron, accompagné en chef de deux merlettes, en pointe d’un arbre terrassé .


Une merlette.

Sources du Dr. Loutsch:

(Arch. Lux. Sect. Hist. Familles: La Fontayne).
Cachet de François-Maximilien des Hayes, curé de Ville, 15-II-1727.

Zitiert nach (Quelle): A.L. Seite 419

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    1. wiesel Post author

      That is right, they are missing! This picture is, just as written above, a reproduction of a seal (french: cachet). The enamels of arms, where only some seals have survived, cannot be given, since the only colour of seals is that of the wax.
      By the way, the arms belonged François-Maximilien des Hayes, catholic priest in the city (probably of Luxembourg), who used that seal on the 15th february 1727. So, there is no way, that you can be a legal descendant of him and adopt the arms :-D.

  1. des.hayes.luc@gmail.com

    The coloris are known:
    Chevron and merlettes: sable
    Tree : sinople
    Fond : argent
    These weapons (arms) also belong to a family known as “de la Haye”.
    François Maximilien des Hayes or des Haies was a priest in My and not in Luxembourg.

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